SMiV - System for measuring and verifying energy savings

For proper reporting on achieved savings, it is necessary to follow a verified methodology. So far in Croatia Ordinance on the methodology for monitoring, measurement and verification of energy savings in the final energy consumption has been effective (Official Gazette 077/2012). This ordinance was done according to the guidelines of the Directive on energy services (ESD) and now it is necessary to draw up an ordinance according to the Directive on Energy Efficiency (EED). Ordinance is currently in the making and is expected to be completed by the fall 2014th.

Without a  systematic monitoring of successfulness of implementation of the energy efficiency policy (through an information system) is not possible to accurately assess the achievement of energy savings that result from measures of incentive policies defined in NEEAP nor the activities that are induced by these measures.

Development of a comprehensive information system for tracking and monitoring all activities in energy efficiency and evaluating energy savings is a priority that should be urgently implemented. Work on the second NEEAP confirmed that without such platforms it is not possible to observe, report and evaluate the energy savings from all of the activities that were carried out. It is the task of the Ministry of Economy and CEI.

Powerful institutional capacities and coordination of activities is an important prerequisite for the timely execution of all the obligations defined by EU directives, national legislation and NEEAP. The establishment of a monitoring system, measurement and verification will enable a continuous performance evaluation of energy efficiency policy regarding the achievement of the set objectives. It is also required, on an annual basis, to redefine the measures as necessary in case it is determined that they are not generating the desired results. Continuous monitoring of activities will also enable the annual revision of NEEAP and facilitate its development and improve the quality of achieved savings implemented at the end of the three-year period. NEEAP should be, among other things, a tool for monitoring the performance of energy efficiency policy.

In June 2014, the web application of SMiV system was put into operation. The first education of users began in September 2014. which corresponds to the adoption of the new Act on Energy Efficiency which defines SMiV as the national System for monitoring, measurement and verification of energy savings